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eCreek Solutions exists to provide joy, relaxation, and community through unique outdoor spaces that result in value and quality time together with family and friends.  We design and install custom outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to upgrade your backyard.  

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Jason Doese

I spent roughly 18 years in the corporate world at 3 fantastic organizations, concentrating on eCommerce and business development.  I love and greatly appreciate all that the corporate world taught me during that time.  I have taken what I learned there and helped start eCreek Solutions.  I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of tackling a new opportunity.  Starting a new business provided that, and a whole lot more!  It has been exciting to take the things I learned along the way and implement them into our own way of doing things.  Taking a logical, business-based approach while enjoying the freedom and creativity of designing cool projects for our clients has been extremely fulfilling for me.  I love helping our clients dream up what could be, and then making it happen for them.

In my spare time I enjoy woodworking, golfing, and fishing.  I love all things Wisconsin sports, except the cold; which is why we now live in the South.  My joy is found in my relationship with God, being active in our awesome church, and spending as much time as I can with my family and friends.  I’ve got two kids in college and another about to finish high school.  Time flies!  My wife and I enjoy walking our dog every day and we absolutely love living in GA!

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Geoff Truan

I spent just shy of 24 years at a locally owned brick company.  The knowledge I gained and lessons I learned throughout my  years there paved the way for this venture, eCreek Solutions.  Using my years of experience identifying and selling brick & stone has afforded me an outlet to now also put my creative mind to work.  Each project is unique in and of itself and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working alongside each client to see their dreams and visions come to life.


My wife and I are proud parents of twin daughters who will be embarking on their college journey soon.  When I’m not spending time with my family, you can find me on the golf course or duck hunting with my daughters.  I’m also a devoted football coach at our local high school and start my 25th year as an assistant coach.  I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and I truly believe the only way I have been successful is with Him first! 

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